Knowledge management and linked data

We develop databases to structure and standardize information extracted from different sources, and provide tools for their analysis and integration (linkage) with other resources. One prominent example is DisGeNET, a database on human diseases and their genes. In addition to the database itself, developed by integration data text-mined from the literature with information collected from several public resources, we provide a series of tools to access and exploit the information for users with different profiles. Another example is PsyGeNET a platform on psychiatric diseases and genes that is currently maintained thanks to a community of experts in psychiatry and neuroscience involved in the curation of the data contained in the database.

We are committed to bring these resources to the community, in this regard the databases are distributed under an open license and we provide all of the analysis tools in a publicly available manner. Moreover, we also provide DisGeNET as a linked open data resource, available through the semantic web and therefore automatically linked to many other resources that follow the same principles.