psygenet_logo_v2_75dpiPsyGeNET (Psychiatric disorders Gene association NETwork) is a resource for the exploratory analysis of psychiatric diseases and their associated genes. In the first release of PsyGeNET, we focused on three psychiatric disorders: depression, alcohol use disorder and cocaine addiction. PsyGeNET is composed of a database and a set of analysis tools, powered by Onexus ( PsyGeNET database is the result of the integration of information from DisGeNET ( and data extracted from the literature by text mining, followed by curation by domain experts. Two medical doctors, one expert in psychiatry and another in neurosciences, defined each psychiatric disorder in terms of Concept Unique Identifiers (CUI) from the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). Genes associated to the selected disease CUIs were obtained from DisGeNET and used to populate the database. This information was complemented with gene-disease associations text mined from the literature using BeFree ( and reviewed by the experts. A web-based annotation tool was developed to assist the curation process. The current version of PsyGeNET contains 2,823 associations, between 1,317 genes and 37 psychiatric disease concepts (for more information see Due to its special focus on psychiatric diseases and comprehensiveness, PsyGeNET represents a valuable resource for the analysis of the molecular underpinning of psychiatric disorders and their comorbidities.

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